Ўзбекистон Республикаси Ички ишлар вазирлиги ҳузуридаги Тергов департаменти
Следственный Департамент при Министерстве Внутренних дел Республики Узбекистан

At present, small business plays an important role in the development of Uzbekistan's economy.

Recently, an unprecedented growth of private entrepreneurship has emerged, especially in areas where large capital, large amounts of equipment and a large number of workers are not yet required.

JSC "Uztrade" promotes the further expansion of the export potential of small businesses and private entrepreneurs in providing them with the necessary legal, financial and organizational assistance in increasing the production of modern and competitive products on foreign markets and promoting it for export.

The main tasks and activities of JSC "Uztrade" support export of small businesses and private entrepreneurship are:

search for potential buyers, preparation and conclusion of contracts, support of export operations, as well as obtaining and paying for the necessary licenses, certificates, other permits and fees required by the legislation of foreign countries;

rendering legal, financial and organizational services for the promotion of products of small businesses and private entrepreneurs to foreign markets.

conducting deep marketing research of foreign markets to study current and prospective demand for them and identifying potential opportunities for exports of products produced by domestic small businesses and private entrepreneurs;

assistance in expanding the participation of small businesses and private entrepreneurs in foreign tenders, as well as organizing contacts between domestic producers and foreign buyers through the organization of fairs, round tables, etc.

To date, the company has established long-term and confidential partnerships with such well-known brands as Artel, Uztex Group, Osiyo Batareya, Sam Antep Gilam, Artikul Aziya Kabel, Agromir Group, Rasuloc GI and many others.

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